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Common soakaways are constructed via long trench lines filled with a clean stone and have a slotted or holed distribution pipe. These trenches can be interconnected (a looped system, see right), a simple long trench, a herring bone layout or a large filled pit.

If your Soakaway installation is carried out correctly it will last a lifetime if the septic tank and pipes are maintained. If the tank isn”t emptied on a regular basis the solids will be forced down the soakaway causing blocked drains and contaminating the soil making the soakaway no longer effective.

We Install and maintain all types of soakaways to ensure that they are working effectively to keep them free from blockages and keep them working for a lifetime.

The soak-away is the final process in the septic tank system as the waste water filters into the surrounding aerated subsoil a biological treatment occurs, any septic tank is only as good as it”s soakaway and a poorly installed soakaway will not only fail and block the entire drainage system but they can also pollute water courses, rivers, brooks and the surrounding subsoil, and you may well end up with a large pond of sewage in the middle of your lawn.